Friday, January 3, 2014

welcome 2014

happy new year everybody!
we spent our new years eve at home. our first new years eve together as a family. so, so nice! we enjoyed our time together. after we lulled our baby girl to sleep, we were playing board games (we are totally in "kahala" and "scrabble" in slovenian version...even don't ask - I am loosing all the husband is board games master;) and sipping on champagne until late. 
i love such peaceful time with my beloved. 
and how about you? how did you spent your new years eve?
crazy parties with friends? or quiet and calm atmosphere at home?
i hope you all have beautiful time.
and what about your  new years goals? did you make any? 
feel free to share them in comments - maybe you will inspire me to make mine :)

and tell me when, if ever we will have winter? 
not that i am missing snow or slob but i really prefer winter now-in winter time then in march or april...


I will be glad to read your comment :)