Monday, September 30, 2013

Proud to be daughter of my Mum

Probably not all of you know that I was born in "a crazy artistic family". I mean - both of my parents are artist and they both finished Academy of Art in Wrocław, Poland. My Mother is a specialist from ceramics and a painter. And my father is a sculptor. So in true I have "no choice" when it comes to art - I was growing up among paint, brushes and clay...:-)

My Mum. 
She is a really a  g r e a t  painter.
And this what she is doing, she is doing with all her heart.
I am so pround of her! Her painting has changed a lot through years of working. Lately she gave a short interview about what she is currently doing. You can read it here (click).
The interview (to be precise they make kind of artice based on the interview) is in english so you sholudn't have problems:)
And also you could have a look on a few of her works. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

What Happens After What Was “Supposed To Be”

“Things didn’t work out because, well, greater things were in the works. It’s so difficult while we’re blind and hurting and don’t know which way is up. But, if you have faith in anything, have faith in the fact that the universe has a beautiful way of straightening things out far better than we ever could. You may not see it today or tomorrow, but you will look back in a few years and be absolutely perplexed and awed by how every little thing added up and brought you somewhere wonderful– or where you always wanted to be. You will be grateful that things didn’t work out the way you once wanted them to.
-What Happens After What Was “Supposed To Be”

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

tree outside the window

Sometimes in my life I feel like a real nomad. Lately with my Husband we were trying to count how many time we were moving from place to place. The result was: too many times. Only during my studies I moved every half of year. Not becaue I wished but mostly because the situation forced me to moving (crazy landlord, mold on the walls, too high expenses, etc). Not even talking about moving after 24 years from a "home-flat", or moving from Poland to Slovenija....
I have all reasons to feel like a nomad.
In that time I was leaving in very different places and areas. But they all have at least one thing in common- green nature outside the window. I did't appreciate that. I didn't know what a great blessing it is because I was so used to it. Green outside was just normal and obviosu for me.
Until I lived in very centre of the city where big and busy streets crossed... Happily I moved. Now I appreciate this little green square outside my window and a tree growing so near. 
It is so good to sit on my tiny balcony and drink coffee with green view. So much nicer then listenig to buses moving at at traffic lights.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Do It Yourself

Not so long ago I made a cleaning in my jewellery box. I found some pices which I like but I don't wear anymore. It was perfect ocassion to experiment and to change some old pieces into a new one:)
I made my own bracelet with a map of Ljubljana. 
It is really easy. All you need is some piece of jewellery you wish to change (I used quite big, wooden bracelet and earrings), a little bit of patience and:

What to do step by step:

  • cut map into smaller pieces (I use an old city map of Ljubljana- the one you can get in tourist information). 
  • with a brush apply glue on the surface of bracelet/earrings (I used non-toxic, all-purpose glue)
  • glue pieces of the map  to the bracelet
  • wait for glue to dry (I waited few hours to be sure it was completely dry)
  • with your brush apply transparent varnish on the surfece of your new jewellery (I applied 3 layers of the varnish)
  • wait that your new jewellery is dry
  • enjoy wearing it! :-)

Here is how it looks before:

And here after:

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

european championship in basketball

Oh, it's almost ten days sice I wrote last time... 
Days are passing by so quickly lately. I have this strange feeing that it is some magical connction this year: December nearer the faster time passes. 

In Slovenija they use to say: happy December.
I have already experieced this special "happines" of slovenian December two years ago while moving to Ljubjana in a winter time. Unfortunately t h a t time it was maybe too hard to believe in happines. Luckily now I can clearly see that this was just a part of my Way to The Real Happines. Now I find this past Decmeber as a real blessing! 
All things are happening with a reason. Even if they are painful or if you are disappointed. But please believe - they have deep sense. 
And a great blessing is when you are able to see that, probably not immediately, but after time.

I was not going to write about past December and unhappines which turn into the bigest happines... I just realised that this year December is coming so fast, and onece again it is bringing big changes, and New Happines in my life. I can not wait. I feel it will be really happy Decemer in Slovenija this year!!!

Ok. Now you will ask: And what to hell has all that unhappines turning into happines with european championship in basketball from the title of this post???
Answer is simple: if "happy December" two year ago wouldn't be unhappy, probably I would not watch this basketball championship in the best company ever*.

*best company ever = my Husband

My Dear Readers with this picture I've started a new series of fast drawings which you will see from time to time on this blog. The series I can titled "around the blue couch". But this is story for next time ;)

Monday, September 9, 2013

coffee time

I've already wrote about mornings I like HERE. I do like mornings (even those raining like today). I so much like this moment when I can sit with a cup of hot coffee in my hands, with my eyes closed for a while, smelling this hot liquid and enjoy the moment... no metter when I am - in my kitchen, on the balcony, in the office... 
Slow down for a second. Just take your time and enjoy a cup of coffee...

Monday, September 2, 2013

Sunny Saturday

It is not a photomontage or photoshoped colours! 
It was really so incredibly beautifully!

Of course we hope that weather forecast is wrong and that summer will not end just like that. Oh, please not here - I am living on the South! (I am Polish so please understand the fact that Slovenija is already South for me:). 
Taking advantage of the sunny and really nice weather we went for a trip into the Unknown. The Unknown means Jezersko, a little village or rather a settlement in the north of Slovenija. None of us had been there before so we didn't know what to expect. 
It appeared that our choice was p e r f e c t!!!
We had amazing walk in nature, mountain air filled the lungs and in the end we found ourselves in the litte hut, a shelter and a home run by Davo Karničar(click)- a very famous Slovenian climber and extreme skier. We met with great hospitality and sense of humor of the owner. 
We ate delicious ajdovi žganci and drank yummy home-made joghurt. 
It was so great Saturday and amazing trip.

 Waiting for ajdovi žganci. Home-made and served by Davo Karničar :)

 Yummy, yummy in my tummy....Siesta after so simple and so delicous meal.

We know one thing for sure - we will go back there soon!