Tuesday, September 24, 2013

tree outside the window

Sometimes in my life I feel like a real nomad. Lately with my Husband we were trying to count how many time we were moving from place to place. The result was: too many times. Only during my studies I moved every half of year. Not becaue I wished but mostly because the situation forced me to moving (crazy landlord, mold on the walls, too high expenses, etc). Not even talking about moving after 24 years from a "home-flat", or moving from Poland to Slovenija....
I have all reasons to feel like a nomad.
In that time I was leaving in very different places and areas. But they all have at least one thing in common- green nature outside the window. I did't appreciate that. I didn't know what a great blessing it is because I was so used to it. Green outside was just normal and obviosu for me.
Until I lived in very centre of the city where big and busy streets crossed... Happily I moved. Now I appreciate this little green square outside my window and a tree growing so near. 
It is so good to sit on my tiny balcony and drink coffee with green view. So much nicer then listenig to buses moving at at traffic lights.

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