Monday, September 30, 2013

Proud to be daughter of my Mum

Probably not all of you know that I was born in "a crazy artistic family". I mean - both of my parents are artist and they both finished Academy of Art in Wrocław, Poland. My Mother is a specialist from ceramics and a painter. And my father is a sculptor. So in true I have "no choice" when it comes to art - I was growing up among paint, brushes and clay...:-)

My Mum. 
She is a really a  g r e a t  painter.
And this what she is doing, she is doing with all her heart.
I am so pround of her! Her painting has changed a lot through years of working. Lately she gave a short interview about what she is currently doing. You can read it here (click).
The interview (to be precise they make kind of artice based on the interview) is in english so you sholudn't have problems:)
And also you could have a look on a few of her works. 

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