Friday, August 30, 2013

the mornings I like

I like mornings. 
I like those lazy, Saturday mornings when we are slowly crawling out of the bed. I like those early mornings when alarm-clock is ringing without mercy and we are running around our flat in hurry. I like those summer mornings when the sun is peeking through blinds in our bedroom. I also like those autumn mornings when all world is covered with a sticky fog. I like those mornings when I have a detailed plan of action for all day, and I like those mornings without any particular plan. 
I like all those mornings with a cup of coffee in my hand:)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Saturday in magic garden

So many things is happening lately and so many things I have to share with you my friends, that I don't know where to start, nor when to write...
Those photos I wished to show you more than a week ago but I simply didn't have time to write.

All summer I wished to visit a garage sale organised in Park Tabor in the centre of Ljubljana. All summer I've been planning to go there and check what is going on but it was always Something... But finally the Day has came!
We spend early afternoon walking in the shady park and exploring colourfull stands. It was a lot of intresting people and a lot of crazy stuff:) It was really nice. So nice that I decided to join next month and to make my own stand to sell out my wardrobe!
So if anybody wish to visit me and my stand, I invite you all to Park Tabor on garage sale in September.

I find a lot of nice things like this flower-printed bag. But in the end I decided for old-school adidas jumper (very orange and very optimistic) and cute ceramic earrings. 

Late afternoon and evening we spent with our good friend Jure. Jure is living in the cutest house you could imagine and he has a great garden full of surprises. I love to walk between bushes to find out some new things like wooden swing, little ceramic houses, wooden or stone sculptures, paintings, new spider's web, animals or raspberries. But that day I was too exhaused for exploring the garden so I found my place in hammock hanging between apple-tree and chestnut tree...

Of course evening won't be perfect without good food...

Great company of my Husband, exploring Park Tabor, new "trophies" - adidas jumper and earrings (hurray!), then evening spent in a company of very good friend in beaitful place and with good food (and music).
Nothing more is needed:)
I was perfect day!

Sunday, August 25, 2013


If your husband dives, you get a lot of shells:)
Every day at our "honey-week" I got some beutiful shells - trophies from my husband's underwater trips. 
Everyday I was amazed by the beauty of the nature. All those shapes! All those colours!
I decided to bring all of them home and keep those little memories of the wonderful moments we had on our holidays.
After thoroughly cleaning I put all shells to the big, glass jar. 
Now every look at the glass filled with the treasures of the sea takes us back to the Hvar Island.

Hvar memories closed in a jar have found their place on a shelf together with two starfish and a photo of little me and my brother.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

a week with my mum

After our wedding we spent some time with a very special guest. It was my Mum who stay with us for whole week. We had a very nice time. As it was the first time she was in Slovenija for longer than just one night, we use that week to introduced her beauty of this small country. And of course do appetite to visit us more often. Almost every day we spent on some trips, long walks, sitting and drinking coffee or eating ice-creams, talking and enjoying being together. 

We try to avoid hot- wave in beautiful Vintgar near Bled.

We spend great day at seaside (of course in our favourite Piran:).

and a long hours on walking by Ljublana's cute streets

I already miss you mum!!!
potos by my Husband (who can see him on the last photo?:)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

postcards from holidays

It was so great time we had on our honey-days! We decided to share our happines with our dearest by sending them postcards with our greetings and hugs. I decided to paint postcards by myself. Unfortuntely we didn't have enough time to send our greetings to everyone we wished to (or rather I didn't have enough time to paint so many pictures:). So we wish to share our beautiful time on Hvar with you now, dear friends. Here are our postcards with big sunny hugs from Hvar - our greetings from us to you! enjoy!

Maybe some of you got the one from this postcards by mail?  :-)

While I was painting and writting postcards on a beach in Zavala, my Husband was enjoying coffee and a daily newspaper (and of course taking some nice pictures of me:)

Monday, August 12, 2013


Probably I should start a little bit ealier- with our wedding day, or maybe with a week with my Mum being here in Slovenija... Probably...But who says we should always start from the begining?
Today I want to share with you a picture I painted in our days spent on Hvar island in Croatia. 
It was a very hot week (or even 10 days) which we spent on exploring the island, swimming, diving (hmmmm...ok... let's be honest- the diving one was my Husband, not me...;), eating good food (cuttlefish risotto- yummmmy!), frying in the sun (more me then my Husband), reading books, collecting shells and enjoying, enjoying, enjoying...
What to say more- although you need a little bit of more patience then usually, camping is the best way to spend your holidays :)
Beautiful, precious time.

It is a view from our campsite. Believe me or not, but for the first time in my life I've ssen and touched a starfish! alife starfish! :)

One more thing...
I have to say "sorry" for my english. Unfortunately my head is created only for two languages and from the time I started speak fluent slovene my english and spanish have just magicaly disapeared.
In spite of that I hope you will understand me:)
If you  have big wish to correct me and help me to improve my english, you can do that in a commentar below :)

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Some changes are coming...
I decided to change a little bit a profile of my blog. I will write you more and not necessarily only about my art. Life-style blog it is maybe to much to say, but some more bits and pieces from my inspirations, ideas, project, beautiful things around me or simply- from life.
So welcome in my little world, in Marysiowo.
Feel like home.

We've just came back from our "honey week" in Croatia. Beautiful time with a beautiful Person.
Some memories I've painted, some photos were taken. Coming soon.