Sunday, August 25, 2013


If your husband dives, you get a lot of shells:)
Every day at our "honey-week" I got some beutiful shells - trophies from my husband's underwater trips. 
Everyday I was amazed by the beauty of the nature. All those shapes! All those colours!
I decided to bring all of them home and keep those little memories of the wonderful moments we had on our holidays.
After thoroughly cleaning I put all shells to the big, glass jar. 
Now every look at the glass filled with the treasures of the sea takes us back to the Hvar Island.

Hvar memories closed in a jar have found their place on a shelf together with two starfish and a photo of little me and my brother.


  1. piękne! Pamiętam, jak zachwycałam się w muzeum muszelek w Indiach na wyspie Diu. I nad Bałtykiem, Atlantykiem... I nad stawami koło mojego domu też :)

    1. Bo muszelki sa taaaaaakie piekne, cudowne, kolorowe i kształtne, ze tylko "och" i "ach"...:-)


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