Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas greeting cards and a giveaway!

Dear Friend,

We are almost in December (a few more hours and we are there).
Thousands of lights will soon illuminate in the city centres and thousands of lights and emotions will fill our hearts. Beautiful time of the year. And this smell of hot wine with spices...and gingerbreads, and coffee with cinnamon, and... Christmas time is coming! New Year is coming!
For this ocassion I prepared for you two, brand new collections of "MiMi greeting cards".
One is very magical and colorful. One is simple and elegant. All of them made with great love.
For sure you will find your favourte which you wish to send to your beloved.

How to orderr MiMi greeting cards?
Just write emial on: in topic write: Mimi-greeting cards.
In email write which cards or which collection you wish and postal adress on which you wish to get your cards. I will write you back to confirm your order and send you details of bank account for payment.

1 greeting card = 2€
4 greeting cards (one collection) = 6€
postal costs depends on country and weight of your order

After great feedback on my FB I decided to make a little giveaway. If you wish to get a colletion of Mimi-Christmas cards, in a comment under this post write which of this two collections you choose and why. Share this post on your FB (if you don't have Facebook share it on your blog).
On the 15th of December I will randomly choose one of you. The happy winner will get collection of cards. I will sent them immediately so that you can use cards for this Christmas! :-)

update no2:
we already know who is the winner!
Our randomly choosen winner is EMILIA MAKARO!
Emilia, please send me your postal adress that I can send you the magical collection of MiMi-greeting cards:)

elegant collection: 


2.the star

3. rabbit


magical collection:

2. the star

 3. angel

4. winter forest

Monday, November 3, 2014

a litte toy dog

Last week our little Kalina get a present. Very sweet little toy- a dog head (ok I know it sounds a liitle bit scary;). It was really cute, but I couldn't help myslef to "redecorate" it a little bit....

how it was:

how it is now:

and in the progress:

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ljubljana's chicken

This is how Ljubljana's chickens look like:

They are very simmilar to pigeons, but unlike pigeons they won't fly away if you come with your bike, stroller or if you just pass by very close to them. They cannot. They are too fat. They sit in the middle of pavment (exactly on your way) barely able to move their lazy butts and just waiting you give them your piece of pizza.