Friday, December 27, 2013

Fošus and me:)

Some time ago I mentioned about cooperation I have started with musicians form Foršus - a band from Kočevje. 
If you miss that information you can read more here (click)
I've already got a leaflet which you would get with a CD compilation.
You can preview the leaflet HERE (click), and if you have a wish to see exhibition you can visit Veznina center in Kočevje. The exhibition will be open till 19.01.2014.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Little Angel

Today I am leaving you just with this picture. 
I have a little Angel at home- she came to us a few days before Christmas and she will stay for a long time - until she won't fly away to her own life. Our beautiful, sweet Angel :)

Monday, December 23, 2013

christmas card

10 days have already gone sice I wrote last post. It was crazy, beautiful time and it happened a lot, a lot, a lot of amazing things. Our life has changed :) It has changed for better :)
Sice I have a little- big Miracle in my life now, I cannot promise I will be writting very regulary for next few weeks. 

But I can assure you that I will update my blog as often as it is posiible. I have already prepared some pictures and toy-posts for you, so stay tuned:)

By that time I wish you a beautiful Christmas time full of love, love, love! 
Because what counts is Love.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Handmade teddies

Hey guys!
Today something new (and I have prepared for you a lot of news). 
Handmade TEDDY BEARS- all incredibly soft and cute. 
It will be few of them but each one of a kind.
Here they come.

Very soon more of my handsewed softies so stay tuned!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

handmade toy

That funny, striped guy is from Fikanders Family (check here: CLICK). 
He is all sewed and embroidered without any glued pieces or gumbs. As filled with pillow filling can be safely washed in water.
He is totally handmade and waiting to be loved:)

Advent wreath, Advent candlestick.

This year we don't have the Advent wreath... But we have The Advent candlestick. And it is very, very simple - ceramic joghurt cups, white candles and a piece of twine - cannot be simplier:)
and I love simplicity:)

p.s. of course there are already two candles burning, but it is a photo I've made last week ;)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Za siedmioma marzeniami Za siedmioma zmyśleniami

Za siedmioma marzeniami 
Za siedmioma zmyśleniami 
Pięknymi jak tęcza 
Miłymi jak święta 
Mieszkały śliczne baśnie 
O których zaśpiewam właśnie 
     Zachwycające jak słońce 
     I bez początku i końca 
     A za to ze środka całe 
     Zupełnie niebywałe 
Mówiąc jednak między nami 
Wszystkie baśnie są siostrami 
Pełnymi tajemnic 
Puszystych i ciemnych 
O dziwnych obyczajach 
W najbardziej niezwykłym kraju 
     Zachwycającym jak słońce 
     I bez początku i końca 
     A za to ze środka całe 
     Niezwykle niebywałe

/Andrzej i Eliza z "Lato Muminkow"/

handmade elephants are looking for new home

Yesterday I introduced you Elef - the handmade elephant perfect for babies. Today I wish to show you his family:) 
All of them handmade with love. All of them have very soft ears and crunchy belly.  They are sewd and embroidered - without gumbs or elements which can be bitten off. They loved to be chewed by babies:) And what is important - as not filled with any seeds you can easily and safely wash them!
If you are intrested in adopting the elephant please write me (my email you will find in "concact" above).

Monday, December 9, 2013

Handmade elephant

Another one from Handmade Family.
Let me introduce you Orange Elephant called Elef:)
He is a little bit shy and he loves to hide in strawberries. He likes sweet coffee with hot milk and banana muffins. He don't mind being chewed by babies.
He is very "baby-fiendy". All sewed, with embroidered eyes, his ears are very soft and his body is filled with crunchy material.  He is very good for chewing and suitable for knowing new materials and voices. As he is not filled with natural seeds you can easily wash him (he loves to be hand washed with gentle soap).

Friday, December 6, 2013

two creatures

Lately my days I can titled as "waiting". 
And no - I am not impatient... 
I am just tired a little bit...
But waiting has also it's good points. For example The Time. The time I can spend on many different things. Unfortunately I cannot be as active as I used to be (although I am doing my best). Some of you also know that I am not as sociable as I used to be (don't worry- "I will be back" :). I've found happines in simple, quiet daily living and simple things. As you already know I start to explore sewing. For obvious reasons I started to enjoy sewing toys. And I have to admit one thing: I have really no idea why I haven't discovered it before...?!?!
Today I want to show you some of my last handicrafts (some things I did before you can see HERE, HERE and HERE).
Don't ask me what's this. Isn't it obvious?
Please use your imagination or ask your children - they will explain you everything :)
Polish readers can have some associations with "Bromba i inni", a book by Maciej Wojtyszko and one of characters called Fikander:)
Now those two funny creatures are impatiently waiting to play:)

a good girl?

Happy December has started. We even had an opportunity to welcome it in the city centre last Tuesday. I was happy becasue I didn't expect I would be able to go outisde at the 3rd of Decemebr.
Yesterday we had a date with Saint Nicholas in the middle of Ljubljana. In old city was so many people! People rushing, people in every shop, every corner filled with hysterical crowd... 
It was hard but we survived:)

And this night Saint Nicholas has sent his angel also to me!
Does it mean I was a good girl?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

hoarfrost and other beauties

Today in Polish. Please use google translator or some other friend:)
Dzis za oknem cos przefantastycznego. Nocna mgła zamieniła sie w szadz, ktora pieknie otula okolice. Napatrzec sie nie moge na te srebrzyste gałazki mieniace sie w promieniach przedpołudniowego słonca. Słonce i lekki mrozik szczypiacy w policzki- najlepsza zimowa pogoda! 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Monday, December 2, 2013

handmade hearts

It is definetely not the end of my sewing. In true it is just a begining :) I hope it is - the time will show the true:) As you already know (from  the post here) by now I have been sewing everything by hands (not only the real HANDmade, but also real HARDcore:). It takes a lot of time but it gives a lot of satisfaction as well. But now I am planning to revel with a sewing machine I borrowed from a friend of mine. Wish me luck and a lot of patience:)
Today some hearts. I wish to make a heart-mobile to hang it above the table/bed/baby basket.

Some other things have taken my attention lately, so hearts are waiting for their turn and hangig as a garland above our huge, blue couch.