Friday, August 30, 2013

the mornings I like

I like mornings. 
I like those lazy, Saturday mornings when we are slowly crawling out of the bed. I like those early mornings when alarm-clock is ringing without mercy and we are running around our flat in hurry. I like those summer mornings when the sun is peeking through blinds in our bedroom. I also like those autumn mornings when all world is covered with a sticky fog. I like those mornings when I have a detailed plan of action for all day, and I like those mornings without any particular plan. 
I like all those mornings with a cup of coffee in my hand:)


  1. is that a lemon next to the (empty?) cup of coffe or is it cheese cake (delicious leftover) from the party from yesterday? :D

    1. It already 1:24 PM when you write a comment- it is obvious that the cup is already empty - it was m o r n i n g coffe:)
      It could be whatever you want next to the already empty cup...a lemon, a delicious leftover, a timy chicken showing it's back...


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