Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Saturday in magic garden

So many things is happening lately and so many things I have to share with you my friends, that I don't know where to start, nor when to write...
Those photos I wished to show you more than a week ago but I simply didn't have time to write.

All summer I wished to visit a garage sale organised in Park Tabor in the centre of Ljubljana. All summer I've been planning to go there and check what is going on but it was always Something... But finally the Day has came!
We spend early afternoon walking in the shady park and exploring colourfull stands. It was a lot of intresting people and a lot of crazy stuff:) It was really nice. So nice that I decided to join next month and to make my own stand to sell out my wardrobe!
So if anybody wish to visit me and my stand, I invite you all to Park Tabor on garage sale in September.

I find a lot of nice things like this flower-printed bag. But in the end I decided for old-school adidas jumper (very orange and very optimistic) and cute ceramic earrings. 

Late afternoon and evening we spent with our good friend Jure. Jure is living in the cutest house you could imagine and he has a great garden full of surprises. I love to walk between bushes to find out some new things like wooden swing, little ceramic houses, wooden or stone sculptures, paintings, new spider's web, animals or raspberries. But that day I was too exhaused for exploring the garden so I found my place in hammock hanging between apple-tree and chestnut tree...

Of course evening won't be perfect without good food...

Great company of my Husband, exploring Park Tabor, new "trophies" - adidas jumper and earrings (hurray!), then evening spent in a company of very good friend in beaitful place and with good food (and music).
Nothing more is needed:)
I was perfect day!

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