Monday, August 12, 2013


Probably I should start a little bit ealier- with our wedding day, or maybe with a week with my Mum being here in Slovenija... Probably...But who says we should always start from the begining?
Today I want to share with you a picture I painted in our days spent on Hvar island in Croatia. 
It was a very hot week (or even 10 days) which we spent on exploring the island, swimming, diving (hmmmm...ok... let's be honest- the diving one was my Husband, not me...;), eating good food (cuttlefish risotto- yummmmy!), frying in the sun (more me then my Husband), reading books, collecting shells and enjoying, enjoying, enjoying...
What to say more- although you need a little bit of more patience then usually, camping is the best way to spend your holidays :)
Beautiful, precious time.

It is a view from our campsite. Believe me or not, but for the first time in my life I've ssen and touched a starfish! alife starfish! :)

One more thing...
I have to say "sorry" for my english. Unfortunately my head is created only for two languages and from the time I started speak fluent slovene my english and spanish have just magicaly disapeared.
In spite of that I hope you will understand me:)
If you  have big wish to correct me and help me to improve my english, you can do that in a commentar below :)


  1. Še enkrat iskrene čestitke - gotovo si bila čudovita nevesta. Kakšna slikica, morda? :)

    1. Hvala Biba! :)
      mogoče bo še kakšna fotka, če ne potem v Ljubljani ko se srečava na kavico :)

  2. Čestitke, nisem vedla, da si s eporočila, me je kar presenetilo, vse dobro vama
    želim :)


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