Saturday, November 30, 2013

old Ljubljana

From the early morning (ok, let's face the truth- it was not so early for us today:) it was a little bit foggy and a little bit humid in the air. Both of us hate wet or humid weather. Nevertheless we decided for a little walk around Ljubljana- just a short glace on the Before-Christmas-City-Centre. 
Everything was grey and a little bit sad. The last day of November. The centre was like asleep. I hope it will wake up soon  as famous "happy December" is coming! 
It is so funny I don't like this all christmas mess around the city, those St.Clauses everywhere and christmas songs in every shop, christmas fever, buying presents and so on... I think you know what I mean...
But from the other hand I like to walk by the river under all those trees decorated with sparkling lights and to smell sweet aroma of hot wine, gingerbreads and warm almonds with honey. Without them it won't be "Happy December". It is still 3 day to start crazy christmas season in Ljubljana. I wonder if this year we will go for a walk by the river side?


  1. super pomysł z tym gazetowym domkiem :) Ach, jak piękna musi być ta Lubliana, skoro do takiego piękna Cię inspiruje!

    1. :-) Piekna jest, oj piekna! taka piekna, ze sie zakochac mozna:)


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