Monday, November 4, 2013

red wine and olive trees

for a good start a few details...
little villages lost somwhere between clouds with angels flying around...

some cities between vineyards and cypresses...

...little fox strolling around...

this was our day in Goriška Brda!

It was long weekend. Very nice long weekend. The weather was blessing and it was the sunniest beginning of November I remember. We decided to have a little trip (I really like this nice custom of our little trips and I wish to continue that in the future also with our Little One). 
The time my Mum visit us in Slovenija (I wrote about that HERE) we wished to go to with her to Goriška Brda. Unfortunately because of thousand things we didn't manage to go. But the wish stays:) Goriška Brda is known as Slovenian Tuskany. I have never been in Tuskany before, so I have no comparison but I am in big doubts if Tuskany can be more beautiful than this what I saw last weekend... It was so, so impressive! 
I've fallen in love with that region and already found a house to buy and live in. My absolutely favourite is little village Šmartno. So tiny, so cute and so amazingly beautiful! Almost all houses are renovated and what is more, they are all renovated in one, orginal style! My art-restorer's heart was very happy, and for the first time I have nothing to complain about when it comes to renovations of bulidings ;-) And it is forbidden to build new houses- wow! Litte Šmartno is full of surprises and cute , hidden corners. We found a nice soap workshop- all soaps are hand-made from natural materials, all based on olive oil. We spent relaxing time on strolling around, making photos, admiring views, already planing our life in Šmartno, drinking good, red wine. I bought a olive liquer for my Love (birthday is coming:)

view from sveti Križ

 this small village in "my" Šmartno

old houses, old doors and those colours! ah...

Husband, sun, fresh air, good coffee, glas of red wine, olive trees, medieval streets, kaki and kiwi trees growing by a sidewalk... What to wish more? 

Cypresses...they are so powerfull. I love them. 
Especially the middle one ;)

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