Monday, March 31, 2014

our tradition

My Husbad and I have a little weekend tradition. This tradition is a little weekend trip.
On Saturday's mornings we like to sit, snip our coffee and think what to do. Usually he is asking me: "so...where you wish to go my love?".
And my answer is usually: "to some beautiful place". 
We have some our favourite places which are always good idea. The best example of such place is Piran. We also like to visit places we've already been to just for checking if they are the same beautiful in different season.  And of course we love to explore some totally new places.
Then after morning coffee we check what is the weather forecast for the weekend in Slovenija and with that little help we usually choose sunny and warm locations. 
This weekend was perfect. Saturday trip- where we were and how it was I will write and show you as soon as I will download photos. 
And Sunday we went to the city centre. It also is our little weekend tradition reserved for those weekends which we are spending in Ljubljana - drinking our favourite coffee or drinking coffe in our favourite place (because it is a big difference between favourite coffee and favourite place, and beceause nothing is perfect they are not in the same least not in Ljubljana).
This weekend was perfect- trip, coffe in our favourite place and a lot, a lot of sun! and what is the most important our private little Sun was enjoying that time with us:)

p.s. I know, my english is h o r r i b l e... forgive me and try understand no matter of my embarrassing mistakes...

p.s. I am thinking about making some postcards with a view of Ljubljana. What do you think about this idea?

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