Thursday, September 4, 2014

wet summer in Slovenija

Lately days are very, very grey here.
I am very dissapointed because of this summer, which actually had passed away in the middle of July... All winter I was so longing for hot, sunny summertime (and easy livin' ;) and already the end of it. Wet, rainy summertime... I didn't swim enough. I didn't catch sun and I didn't keep it on my skin in the forms of freckles. I didn't walk barefoot as much as I wanted to.
Sometimes when it happen that there is some sunshine passing through clouds I feel like in a spring time- like I am after very long winter. But no, winter is just coming. 
I have no idea how to help myslef....
At least I can just keep my short but sweet memories and keep in my heart and on paper. 

Now I am going to rise up level of endorfins in my body. And hard training is the best thing for that:)
Sweeping out all worries :)

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