Monday, October 7, 2013

around the blue couch

The blue couch I've already mentioned here(click)
We definetly didn't expeced that we will have our living room mostly in blue. For sure it wasn't our hidden plan to have the blue couch. When we moved to our tiny appartnemnt it has already been there.
THE COUCH. Huge, dark blue couch.
Now, we want this or not, IT is playing the most important role on the stage of our living room. 
And we have blue living room even if the only one blue thing is The Couch. 

A lot of things is happening around the blue couch. 
And it is nothing better then to fall asleep on the blue couch while watching Tarantino movie*. 

* I'm in doubt if the value of this moment is a matter of the blue couch. I rather think it depends on my Husband's arm under my head:)

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